…What will we do with them all?


…and what a great problem to have!

IMG_1655 IMG_1665

As I meet more Peckham people, I’m finding that lots of you have hoped and wished for something to happen in these ‘Pocket Places’ and others have been planning to do things on Rye Lane but didn’t know where to do it.

IMG_1659                IMG_1661

I’d love to introduce you to each other and get started on your ideas.

                                 IMG_1658                                    IMG_1667

If you’ve got hopes or plans for the Pocket Places please get in touch and I’ll come and meet you.

Email hannah.padgett@sustrans.org.uk or call 07766 577772



4 thoughts on “So Many Pockets…

  1. Hello Pocket Places, what a brilliant blog…

    Ref “Make it Greener – Peckham Project”
    You may have noticed a ‘pocket place’ that is already underway at the Choumert Grove entrance to the Choumert Grove Car Park. Phase One is already planted up, Phase 2 – the side beds – are to be planted up which will this year. The project was done with help from Cleaner Greener Safer funds and Southwark Youth Outreach. I hope you like the small start we have made…

    For more info do take a look at the Facebook page I made to record the process, and the keep a record of the space transforming as the plants begin to blossom…


    kind regards Charlie G

    • Hi, it’s popping up on the 7th June as part of the Pocket Places Peckham Spaces all day event. The screening is from 9pm. There’s a post on this blog with all the info about the event. See you there!

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