A massive thank you to all who attended Saturday’s Co-Discover Workshop.  The insights you gave into how Rye Lane affects you were really interesting and will feed nicely into the next workshop Co-Develop.

The next workshop is all about big ideas, making connections and forming mini teams, we hope to see you all there on 8th June.  More details to come, please visit this blog for info.

I hope you enjoy the photos, we certainly enjoyed the workshop.


In character, watching a film as if walking up Rye Lane – How is it for you? A young woman with a buggy, an elderly man with shopping, a seven year old girl with her dad. All of these people experience Rye Lane differently.



Guessing where the buildings belong on the timeline, we delved into Peckham history finishing off with a quiz. Seems Peckham people know their onions!



An opportunity to get those gripes and burning ideas off your chest and store them up for the next workshop where we’ll be brainstorming crazy!


People’s journeys around Rye Lane are very revealing. A continuous line shows where people are walking, dashed for cycling, wiggly line for driving, a gold star for a potential pocket place, and green dots for trouble spots. Check out the full map in the image below.

     IMG_0094IMG_0101  Rye Lane map


A resident architecture student shares his idea for a strip of park between Peckham and Nunhead stretched along the edge of the railway line like the High Line in New York.

IMG_0155 IMG_0152


Rye Lane offers loads of potential but we wanted to dig down and find out where the opportunities and challenges really lay. These will give us a bedrock for the ideas that we will develop in the next workshop.

We are already planning the next workshop and can’t wait to start organising the brilliant ideas and suggestions, and taking the next step to making them a reality.


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