This is a ‘Wordle’ of all of the comments participants at the Co-Discover workshop made on the ‘Challenges and Opportunities’ and the ‘Gripes and Ideas’ boards about Rye Lane. The more the word appeared the bigger it is in the wordle. To look closely click on the image and then click on it again to zoom.

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Information gathered from the map will form part of the next workshop too but is slightly harder to unpick, however you can click on the image of the map in the previous post to see it in detail.

Below are the actual comments people made;

These are the ‘Opportunitiespeople identified for Rye Lane
Open Space:
– Develop an overall urban design plan for the station, incorporating neglected pocket places off Rye Lane
-Innovative seating, unusual configuration

– Murals on walls/brighten up walls – ugly
– Plant green walls
– More parks needed
– Lido – pool/paddling pools
– Highline initiative
– Chill out spaces & rooms
– Food growing
– Plant an orchard (like the one in Warwick Park)
– Linking spaces for walking & cycling
– Lots of small spaces for creativity
– Mark clear pedestrian route (nice paving?) through Choumert Grove car park
– Use Choumert Grove car park for summer festivals – film showing/music (acoustic?) etc…

– Diverse, friendly
– To be seen as resource that can be used in a practical way
– Events that will bring people together
– Advice event
– Bike-powered events
– One-off events in particular spaces (film screening/music)
– Seating, that makes you stop
– Community gardens; event, vegetable patches
– Food festival – local food, in partnership with local businesses
– Guerrilla gardens all over the place; culturally significant vegetables
– Churches are popular – make the most of sense of belonging – use choir collaboration for street music
– Fund raising event

– Great train/bus links – well connected

– Peckham Plex space – square used as corridor screen above entrance to be used for art, to encourage people to look up!
– Impressive but under recognised – possibility of restoration
– Great station – show it off!
– Franks given opportunity for emerging young architects – do more of this!
– Put Peckham on the global map (more positive press)

– Involving children and young people
– For adults too; fancy dress event, play equipment for adults
– Close off streets temporarily for children to play out e.g. 1st Thursday of the month
– Street games; chess, table tennis

– Visual links around buildings
– Use existing gallery/workshops/ studio resources – people & places, in order for them to integrate better – ideal opportunity

– Street food
– Farmers market; development potential
– Collect waste for recycling food – An aerobic Digestor Power Generator
– More variety needed
– Re-house the good shops that are being moved in refurb so it’s not all Starbucks!
– Analysing produce all the world – help people to try it + experiment/learn from each other

These are the challenges people identified around Rye Lane…

Open space:
– Little squares off Rye Lane need to be brightened up to create tranquil places where people can chill
– Learning spaces – workshops where people can learn new skills
– Something that draws peoples eyes upwards to the tops of the buildings – possibly some kind of art e.g. something along the lines of Gormley’s “Fingers”
– Behind Mc. Donald’s is dreary, dirty – unimpressive. The areas needs cleaning + brightening up and further linking it to the new station square and the space opposite, directly in front of the cinema.
– Littering + fly-tipping
– Used as loos!
– Dull
– Urinating (could do with public toilets)
– Lighting does not need to be boring – bring spaces alive at night e.g. strings of lights on trees!

– Walking home at night – quieter streets off Rye Lane/parked up vehicles make you feel less safe
– Cycle Lane top of Rye Lane: No differing colours so pedestrians don’t always notice.
– Roadways and walkways both congested due to mass amount of people and vehicles
– Unclear cycle ways
– Victoria/London Bridge Loop Line missed very much
– Protecting pedestrians
– Cars/buses speeding on Rye Lane

– Disused spaces to be used again
– Educate property owners to the value of historic assets & how to embrace them for their enterprises
– Markets are great but their locations are not thought through. They block access to public space rather than enlivening them.
– Being damaged
– Maintenance – 100 years of catch-up!
– Look after the good things we have and show them off more
– Loss of old buildings to poor quality modern blocks
History info – maybe outside station so visitors can see on arrival
– Have to support the businesses to look after – not everyone will care

– Find a better play area for kids around station
– More for adults to do – music, film, etc…

– New & old communities to come together

– No potential conflict to occur in project places that are not owned
– Social graces
– Lack of opportunities for young people
– Pushy people on street; no-one smile
– Diverse but not always integrated
– High turnover means many people don’t get to know their neighbours

– Expectations raised that can’t be met – £?
– Noisy (loud music)
– Too many loan shops/betting shops/fast food restaurants
– Wares display; an eyesore on pavements
– Create incentives for new businesses/start ups
– Too many saloons and nail bars!
– Everything closes in the evening and so street is dead at night – no night life/economy
– Lots of shops but many sell similar selection of things – I don’t know where to start

– Share and display them; inspire more stories

– Lots of great historical stories + heritage that isn’t visible or accessible today
– Collect oral objects
– The farmers market is too small
– Rubbish generation
– Clean up/sort out removal + temp storage of rubbish
– Sort out rat infestation
– Need to attract more people – maybe change location to a park?

Greening of public spaces:
– Add more environmental considerations.
– Micro parks/tree pits/trees
– No/little space for plants/trees on the main street

Helping people to get things off their chest and to store them safely for the next workshop we had the Gripes and Ideas Store…

– Lack of public toilets
– Rubbish tipped in streets
– Community-lead news agents to replace WHSmith
– Council to enforce existing planning conditions
– Increase peoples awareness of Peckham’s fascinating history
– A thought through policy for market stalls
– Community shop-owned and run; money reinvested
– Only “good” quality art
– Space to be used better
– Action on: Urinating, spitting, dropping chewing gum – can we stop them?
– Love Peckham being different (this should continue)
– Too crowded in the narrow parts of Rye Lane; around the station
– More rubbish bins on Rye Lane
– Could we make shops’ waste a resource?
– Discrete Cycle Lane at the bottom of Rye Lane
– Pop-up stitch workshop on green spaces
– Too many betting/money shops!
– Rubbish bags around bins – bins too small or not collected often enough
– Busy, rubbish, don’t care for area
– Selfish people who commit offences e.g.: feeding pigeons and cycling on pavements
– Not safe to walk home at night
– Suicidal pedestrians
– Recycling bins near refuse bins, for recyclable rubbish
– Lido & paddling pools
– Use the coal line as a new park
– Attract small street food vans
– Holly Grove Park (needs improvement)
– “Peckham Museum” – collecting stories

– In crease Peckham society membership, which already has over 900 members including some in 9 overseas countries
– (Too much) fly tipping
– Road surfaces + potholes esp. B’moath Rd.
– Lack of destination

– Swing park for children
– Upper floor reuse to encourage economy
– Bike lane needs distinguishing
– V. busy; pedestrian pushing – not good!
– Change council policy on types of business on Rye Lane
– Not enough community mixing
– Launch Peckham Rye Lane Street Party! Pedestrianise whole street for a day – music etc…
– Difficult to walk on Rye Lane!
– Under used vertical space – go up not out onto road
– Do something to make burned out shops “come alive”
– Better cycle routes
– Open up front of post sort office on Highshore
– More green spaces please
– Coffee tables + chairs outside the cinema
– Games club? Board/card games? Table tennis?

– Warwick Garden to Holly Grove to Cossall Park – GREEN CORIDOR up over and through the cinema
– Outdoor films in the summer
– Lighting does not need to be boring
– Get rid of excess phone booths
– Link up with London Design Festival like Deptford
– Street cafes – places to sit out
– Small green areas; planters etc

If you have comments to make or you have an idea that hasn’t been mentioned above, don’t hold back, make a comment on here.

If you would like to make your own wordle just visit http://www.wordle.net


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