Time to get involved one and all! We have some fantastic ideas and now it’s time to look at our plan in detail.  We’ll be asking ‘Where?’ ‘When?’ and ‘How much £?’ and we’ll be asking ‘Who?’…too.

There will always be chances to get involved but as things progress now is the best time to get involved.  So join us for the Co-Design Workshop at All Saints Church Hall (through the side gate at the back), Blenheim Grove on Saturday 22nd from 1-3pm.

Just one more workshop to go after this and then it’s time to get our hands dirty!

(Click on the images to zoom in)

Co-Design Invitation Co-Design Invitation2


2 thoughts on “Co- Design Workshop

  1. Reblogged this on Transition Town Peckham and commented:
    The third Pocket Places workshop is on Saturday.. we’ll be there helping to design up ideas for underused spaces in Rye Lane. Exciting times, lets hope there’s some action at the end of these discussions.

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