On May 25th we held a pop-up photography event in the Atwell and Consort Estates where we invited local residents to come along and get their photograph taken by Peckham-based portrait photographer Lou Marcellin.

Here’s just a handful of the some of the locals portraits taken on the day:

trevorknightHelen sisterssimonewilliams3sandra+t.wingEdDEvon&terrydebbie+DanielletownsendChloe+courtneycameronjumpsbria+bernadette

charlenebertrandweb thilayoweb low res tobiacharlesweb theresaweb syllaweb stepheshaweb roselineweb mbryantweb mosun mbryantauntweb ianwilliams fernandoweb febishwaweb chipochimangaweb

We had a really great day seeing every one and would like to say a big thank you to all who got involved and to Lou for her fantastic help in making this pop-up event possible. We look forward to doing more in the future!

Lou Marcellin:  http://doostudio.com/


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