It’s time for the forth and final workshop!

We had a really positive response from Co-Design that got us thinking about real life implementations that could happen within the Pocket Places along Rye Lane. Co-Implement is the next step, we want to encourage you all to start thinking and planning realistically about how these interventions can be made a reality through the use of collaboration and the exploration of ideas, expertise and materials.

There will always be chances to get involved but as things progress now is the best time to come along. So join us for the Co-Implement Workshop at Rye Lane Chapel (beside Clarks), Rye Lane on Saturday 27th July from 1-3pm.

Remember this is the final workshop before we start progressing further with our ideas so please try to make it to Co-Implement if you can!

Hope to see you there!

(Click on the images to zoom in)

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.17.13 Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.17.30


3 thoughts on “Co-Implement Workshop

  1. great idea came out of yesterday’s Co-implement workshop to green up Choumert Grove car park…

    100% permeable green alternative to tarmac… yes please!

    LET”S GRASS OVER THE CAR PARK (and yet still have a car park!!!) PARk IN THE DAY… PLAY IN THE EVENING (this already happens, kids playing, frisby/cricket/scooters… come on we CAN make it happen…

    see below for links
    there are plenty of very realistic options for for great solutions …
    will send will send visuals for Hannah to upload to blog…

    and sing this very loud!!! x Charlie G



  2. here are some of the benefits… grass systems are cooling to atmosphere, rather than tarmac which being black holds the most heat and adds to city heat waves, they absorb rainwater back into the ground so reduces flash flooding and overloading of drainage systems, they give a feel of a park when not in use, they can be cycled on/played on and used for purposes other than parking, etc etc.

    also… like tress, grass helps to clean polluted air!!!

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