The Rye Lane Vote is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who voted, the online results are below and the offline votes are being counted.  We will give you a final count very soon.

You may well have seen and even interacted with the Voting Boards installed in July at several sites around Peckham. They show the possible interventions, as suggested by community members in our workshops, that could occur within the Pockets along Rye Lane.

1.Introducing Nature

2.Peckham Story Project
3.Greening Bridges
4.Elm Grove City Farm
5.Goods on Pavement
6.Market Stall Placement
7.Urinating spaces

8.Decorative market spaces

9.Atwell brighter

10.Optical illusion

11.Inner city forest

12.5mph zone

13. Sculpture in park

14.One way Rye Lane


16.Artist residency

17.Art installations


19.Turf carpark

20.Film projections


22. Sign writing

23.Vertical gardens

24.Chairs, cafes etc

25.Micro greening

26.Food harvest

27.Street food

28.Street games

29.Strategic thinking

30.Move bus stop

31.Mental barriers

32.Pop up play

33. Pop up Busking

34. adverts for local events

Rye Lane voting poster locations:

ASDA (store exit to carpark)
The Bussey Building (Stairwell A)
Peckham Plex (Foyer)
Moncrieff Street Card Stall (outside Peckham Plex)

Bar Story
Peckham Library
Peckham Rye Station

Thank you again for your support and remember to spread the word for Peckham!


5 thoughts on “The Rye Lane Vote!

  1. Nothing to add, really. All my improvements ideas were covered, with the exception of littering (unless my visuals are at it again), thanks!

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