Having tallied up the results from our community poll “The Rye Lane Vote”, which ran throughout July, we’re now able to publish the results.

Focusing on the top ten areas of interest, we want to show you how diversely people voted but also how the areas can be brought together and placed within just a few categories, which moving forward will help form the basis of our design development.

We must point out that these results are part of a wider collaboration that has been happening in Peckham over the past eight months. While all data gathered from The Rye Lane Vote will play an important part in the process, the results will be added to all of the other input we’ve had from community members until now. It will add to it as well as aid us in developing solutions to the problems that affect the community as a whole.

The top ten most voted ideas were:

1st with 233 votes: 15 – A twice year festival along Rye Lane with a canopy of lights or lanterns; a culture exchange with food, dance, dressing up and music.

2nd with 213 votes: 17 – Art installations in the Tower Cinema corridor.

3rd with 207 votes: 3 – Greening bridges; two narrow platforms alongside the railway bridges. Planting would green the centre of Peckham.

4th with 187 votes: 27 – Street food stalls to accompany seating areas, enlivening market places and creating night life.

5th with 170 votes: 20 – Outdoor film projections as part of the Peckham Free Film Festival.

6th with 167 votes: 5 – Develop solutions to encourage shopkeepers to stop displaying goods on the pavement.

7th with 155 votes: 16 – Artist in residence for vacant spaces.

8th with 154 votes: 14 – Explore how to calm the traffic and relieve pedestrians of the stressful environment along Rye Lane.

9th with 152 votes: 24 – Chairs, cafes, trees, greenery; places to meet up or just spend some time.

10th with 134 votes: 23 Green walls; sculptural trees and plants trained to grow vertically or horizontally.

The above can be further placed into the five categories:

A – Social

B – Art & Culture

C – Greening

D – Strategy

E – Communication

The final tally totaling near enough 5000 votes, it’s at this point we’d like to say how impressed we were by the amount of people who voted and contributed their thoughts to The Rye Lane Vote. More importantly it has been so positive to see how people have come together organically by sharing mutual interests about the aspects that most affect the community.

We aim to make as many a reality as possible and will combine the above data with the information we’ve already gained throughout the collaboration process and progress with our interventions along Rye Lane over the coming months.

We’d like to thank you again and we’ll keep you posted with more news soon.


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