In the build up to making some actual changes to the Pocket Places the project team have been busy devising new ways to change the way we think about these spaces.

Take the Triangle at the southern end of Rye Lane, a bit of a no man’s land and a cut through to and from the car park, this space is desperate for a human touch.

Our volunteer Vinny Montag did just that.  His installation ‘Our Back Yard’ was met with curiosity, some puzzled faces and one offer of more washing to hang out!  With his washing line Vinny hoped to surprise people a bit, and help them to reconsider what this space might be used for, because in a sense this is everyone’s ‘back yard’.

MGonzalezNoda_RyeLaneTrianglePP_02 MGonzalezNoda_RyeLaneTrianglePP_07 MGonzalezNoda_RyeLaneTrianglePP_08 MGonzalezNoda_RyeLaneTrianglePP_09 MGonzalezNoda_RyeLaneTrianglePP_16 MGonzalezNoda_RyeLaneTrianglePP_01

All Photography by M. Gonzales Noda.


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