Ever heard of Parklets? This fantastic method for transforming grey boring dreary concrete into lovely public space in the heart of our towns has been sweeping the U.S over the last few years. Recently it’s been edging into Europe and next week we’re bringing one to Peckham!


Ref:  http://www.myparkingsign.com

A Parklet is a minipark in the place of a parking space. Permission is required from the local council to use the parking space from anything from 1 day to a year or more and then the llittle space is designed to perfection to create a welcoming, comfy, sometimes entertaining, always friendly space for the general public to relax in.  Parklets are most effective when there is very little green or places to chill out anywhere nearby.  By changing just one or two parking spaces the grey is broken up and the experience of a street or car park can be totally changed for pedestrians and cyclists using it.

We’ll be working with the members from Crossways Centre to make our Parklet.  Crossways is a fantastic day centre which provides a supportive environment for people who need it.  Based on Rye Lane they do a wide range of activities and are an integral part of the Rye Lane community.

Yesterday we had a design session where we planned what we wanted to have in our Parklet, then we made a rough plan on a near to life size parking space on a piece of paper. Lastly we visited the space to consider the wider environment and if there were any challenges we needed to think about.

We’ll be doing two making sessions at Crossways next week and on Wendesday 18th we’ll install what we’ve made in to the Parklet.  We will be welcoming passers by to rest in our Parklet, take a seat, enjoy the atmosphere and maybe even make some flowers or some artwork to contribute to the space.

One of the members at the centre, Donovan, will be filming and photographing our activtiies.  His photos of our first day are below.

DSCF3827 DSCF3831 DSCF3819 DSCF3832 DSCF3812

Please come and see us between 3pm and 5pm on Wednesday 18th September!


One thought on “Parklets

  1. For over a year now, Friends of the Earth has been campaigning to help our bee population and has been looking for places to create meadows for bees called Bee Worlds.

    Would there be an opportunity to create some in Peckham using these Parklets or Pocket Parks?

    Please contact Stephanie on email addresses below, we’d love to hear from you.


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