A Parklet to be proud of!  It’s been great working with the members and staff at Crossways Centre this week making all the Parklet elements that make a whole.  A lot went into it and today we put it all together!


We had paper flower making and garlands, a windmill with a sail on top, four pillars cut to size and secured as well as a clay plaque commemorating the effort put in.


At the last minute the parking space we had planned to use was unavailable and we were lucky that Copeland Park came to the rescue with a lovely space right next to their new cafe at their Copeland Road entrance.


Friday 20th is international Park(ing) Day and all over the world people will be reclaiming spaces designated for cars to make them places dedicated to people.  Pocket Places was inspired by this idea right at the start so we are glad to have done our bit to bring Parklet’s to Peckham.



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