The seeds have been sown for Bournemouth Close to be transformed!  Quite literally.  Neighbours living close to Bournemouth Close, many of them from Atwell Estate, spent a sunny day planting seeds a couple of weeks ago.

The seedlings are now bursting to life in the houses of the participants as well as in greenhouses at the Peckham Wildlife Garden on Marsden Road and at Brockwell Park Greenhouse.  They’ll be ready to be planted out in the new Bournemouth Close Community Garden next weekend.


MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_09 MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_13 MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_06 MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_23

Next week we’ll be building the raised beds while Gourmandizing start their mural.  We’re still looking for helpers, and hopefully the sunshine will be beaming just as it was on Seeding day to make it a productive and fun week.  This is all leading up to the Community Fun Day in Bournemouth Close on that Saturday 26th April.

MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_34 MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_28 MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_26

IMG_2991 MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_16 MGonzalezNoda_PeckhamPlanting_2703_07

A huge thank you goes out to the wonderful volunteers who made the seeding day happen, Fran and Susan who have been working hard in this area since February, Lucy and Charlie who are both great supporters of the project, Nasima who has joined us from Hourbank and of course to the residents who came out and got involved.  It was really fun.

Photo credits go to Matthew Gonzalez Noda, our project photographer.

We can’t wait for next Saturday, come along for the fun and festivities!



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