As the dust settles around the trials after the Pocket Places Peckham Spaces event, here is a quick look back at what was a fabulous event and some detail on what to expect in the next few months.

A Fabulous Event

Thank you to everyone who came to the Pocket Places Peckham Spaces event on 7th June, bringing your enthusiasm and participation.  Your involvement in the trials themselves was invaluable to us, whether that was drawing around yourself in Choumert Car Park or having a go at street art in Moncrieff Place, or simply giving us your thoughts on the changes that we have made.   The response we got was fantastic, and it looked and sounded like everyone had a great time. (Click on the photos to enlarge)




©Vinny Montag

Pocket Places - Peckham-40

©Christine Gau




Pocket Places - Peckham-113

©Christine Gau





Pocket Places - Peckham-54

©Christine Gau


©Gorka Aparicio

Pocket Places - Peckham-2

©Christine Gau


©Gorka Aparicio








@Gorka Aparicio



@Gorka Aparicio


@Karen Mellanby

What Happens Next?

The next stage is to collate the feedback that you have given us so far, which will help us to judge which of the trials are most feasible to take forward. We will also be looking at the cost of each intervention, as well as some of the logistical and sustainability issues surrounding them which will help to inform our decision.  Because these interventions are not happening in isolation we will be thinking about how they might work together as a scheme within the context of the Pocket Place and the surrounding town centre area when we look at which ones to prioritise.

pile of postcards

Outline of Permanent Designs

By the middle of August we will have produced some outline designs which will show the trials that we will be seeking to take forward and give a general idea of the form they will take.  This outline design will form the central part of the statuary consultation document giving residents living close to the Pocket Places an opportunity to give their thoughts on the outlined concepts for permanent work.   For those people who don’t live in these areas but are interested to discuss the development from trials to permanent intervention, there will be a workshop in late August to allow for this discussion to take place.

Keep Your Feedback Coming

In the meantime we are open to your thoughts on the existing trials as they continue to be used in the space.  The much anticipated access to the bandstand will go ahead in the next week or two, with instructions on where to find the key appearing on the sides of the stage soon.

We look forward to working with you all on this exciting next stage of the Pocket Places project!


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