We’ve had some glorious weather over Peckham this Summer and some fantastic events, gatherings and goings on to enjoy in the sunshine.

For Pocket Places it has been a chance to take stock and let the street design trials play out in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of Peckham life.  We are continuing to ask Peckham people what they think of each of the trials, the response so far has been really positive, here are few of the many comments we have received.



Since the Pocket Places Peckham Spaces event…

…Our PHD Fellow Pola has been out and about gathering questionnaires about the trials from people on the streets in Peckham.

…The Tenants and Residents Association at Atwell estate has started back up and we are sharing our garage in the hope of getting it secured for them in the near future.

…Our events volunteer Dani has been getting musicians to play on the stage at Choumert Car Park before the end of September. If you would like to use it get in touch with me hannah.padgett(at)sustrans.org.uk

…Transition Town Peckham has been planning the next stage of the community gardens at Bournemouth Close with possible partnerships with London Wildlife Trust among others, all volunteers welcome to help us green this corner of Peckham!

…We are hoping to partner with Peckham Platform to commission an artist in residence for the Choumert Grove Car Park Corridor.

and…the Pocket Places project film is nearly a wrap courtesy of Peckham locals Community TV Trust!

So what happens next?  We are meeting with many of the key departments at the council to follow their process for designing and implementing permanent works.  This means a talk with the Design Manager, a tour of Peckham with the newly appointed Cabinet member for Transport, Cllr. Williams, a discussion with the Housing Area manager and talks with those responsible for car parks and the land they sit on.   After these initial talks, the engineer at Sustrans will get started on the third draft designs.

Route A and B

Pocket Places is all about making the routes into Rye Lane safer and more enjoyable for walking and cycling.  In order to make sure that the changes we make support this aim we are considering the permanent work in terms of two routes, as below. (Click to enlarge)

Cycle Routes


We are going to do a full statuary consultation on all of the permanent work we would like to carry out even though the budget won’t stretch to everything.  This is so that should further funding be found we will already know if any additional work is agreeable to the community in Peckham.

The permanent work we expect to achieve within budget are as follows;

Route A: Choumert Grove Car Park to Bournemouth Close

  • Traffic calming across Rye Lane between the entrance to Choumert Grove Car Park and Bournemouth Close
  • Community gardens and resurfacing of Bournemouth Close, with pedestrian and cycle priority and motorist access to shops and garages only
  • Reappropriation of garages as artist studios and relocation of existing artworks.
  • Lighting and/or safety mirrors along route.
  • Informal cycle and walking path implemented as an artwork on the surface of Choumert Grove car park.
  • Artist in residence fund for one long-term artwork in the Choumert Grove Car Park corridor.

Route B: Holly Grove to Moncrieff Place

  • Traffic Calming across Rye Lane outside Peckham Rye Station and between Macdonalds and Moncrieff Place.
  • Atmospheric lighting along alleyway running down the side of the Multi-storey car park.
  • Safety Mirrors implemented as an artwork.
  • Orchard trees dug into the ground with integrated bench design.
  • New surface treatment to paths throughout Holly grove Shrubbery extending to both sides of the green area.
  • Declutter street furniture and replace necessary bollards with robust planters.

Additional work to implement with further funds would be as follows;

  • Landscaping the circular area of Choumert Grove Car Park.
  • Increase greening in Atwell Road.
  • Return the existing ‘turning space’ in Holly Grove to green park area.
  • Improve cycle parking along both routes.
  • Declutter street furniture on Rye Lane.
  • Support street artists to refresh street art along alleyway by Moncrieff Place.
  • Create informal community notice boards on the blackboards outside Peckhamplex Cinema .
  • Commission semi-permanent edition of ‘Peckham Wall of Fame’ outside Peckhamplex Cinema.

So far this is as much as we know. We will keep you up to date with developments as always and along side the statuary consultation we are expecting to have a workshop for those of you that the consultation doesn’t reach. We will be in touch with details as soon as we can.

We hope you’ve all had a relaxing summer and we hope to see you soon!


2 thoughts on “What’s in the Pipeline?

  1. Hi Hannah – thanks for the update. Looks hopeful that we might finally get some good design into Rye Lane. At least that is the hope! Just a couple of queries:

    * When you say the statutory consultation will cover a restricted area, can you say what the area is?

    * Can you give an idea of the possible timing of the statutory consultation, ie at least ‘not before when’? and timing of the likely workshop, eg likely month?

    * There has long been a need for coherence in design of the streetscape right along Rye Lane. The current Council/Network Rail/CoDesign development of plans for the area around the station needs to extend into Rye Lane including the Holly Grove and Moncrieff Place pocket place. Similarly, there will be streetscape design from the THI project to restore Rye Lane and High Street historic buildings. These are all going on separate time schedules. Can you say how the designs being prepared by Sustrans for just a few places on Rye Lane can successfully be part of an overall design approach for the whole of Rye Lane and linked streeets in the town centre?

  2. Hi Eileen,

    The statuary consultation will extend to the postcodes directly around each Pocket Place including the interventions on Rye Lane itself. These are gathered using a mapping programme at Southwark Council.

    The consultations for off and on highway will be split so the latter will come in the new year with the results presented most likely at the February Community Council and the former will hopefully be presented at the November 10th Community Council. These dates are all dependant on our ability to navigate the Southwark Streetscape Design process swiftly to be ready in time. The workshop(s) will take place at the same time as the community consultations are out, so hopefully in October 2014 and January 2015.

    It is likely that our engineers at Sustrans will develop the designs which will go through Southwark’s stringent approval process. This ensures that we are adhearing to the Streetscape Design Manual for materials, style etc and where we deviate from these they will have to be approved as part of a ‘special placemaking opportunity’. This is in place to ensure that all streetscape design going forward is coherant and in line with the local area and the rest of the borough.

    I hope this answers all your questions, we can talk about this more when we meet.



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