Sustrans in partnership with Peckham Platform and Southwark Council’s Culture and Arts team are commissioning a series of artworks to celebrate the often overlooked pedestrian route across Choumert Grove Car Park through the corridor to Rye Lane.

During the co-design workshops in summer 2013, Choumert Grove Car Park was identified by local people as crying out for some love and attention, in particular Lucy Carruthers had a vision for the change she would like to see there.  In summer 2014 we trialled the idea with Helen Peacock’s work which was a great success and now we are commissioning an artwork for permanent display.

Artists submissions should be made to Peckham Platform, the brief can be found here: http://www.peckhamplatform.com/news/peckham-pocket-places-public-artwork-call-out


One of three Pocket Places to have permanent work installed over the coming months, Choumert Grove Car Park, or the Tower Car Park as some people know it, will soon come alive with artwork.  It will adorn the walls of the corridor leading from Rye Lane to the car park, potentially continuing along the walls surrounding the circular space and on to the surface of the car park itself. The selected artist will be working closely with local people to develop the artwork, if you want to be involved please comment below or email hannah.padgett@sustrans.org.uk

Choumert Car Park 2

Artists impression of artwork on surface of car park. Artwork: Roadsworth.


We hope that the work will highlight the presence of many people walking and cycling through the car park and make the experience of using this route a much more pleasant one.

Artist submissions should be made to Peckham Platform, the brief can be found here: http://www.peckhamplatform.com/news/peckham-pocket-places-public-artwork-call-out  Shortlisted  artists’ will benefit from an initial artists fee to develop their work further before final selection takes place. The artwork will be installed this summer 2016. We can’t wait to see it in place.

5 thoughts on “Choumert Grove: Call for Artists

  1. am I the only one who feels that the images created on the walls there did not enhance the space? For me it left a space that looked neglected and not attractive. I hope the chosen art work will be aesthetcally pleasing, and help inpire us and feel good to be there as we walk through.

    • Hi Eileen, unfortunately this is the nature of the trial and limited funds. I apologise that it has been left to deteriorate for so long. We are investing a significant amount to ensure that the new work will stay in a good condition for a minimum of two years and following that Southwark Council and Peckham Platform have a decommissioning plan in place.

  2. The images created on these walls have only attracted more ugly graffitti. This is because it looks so neglected now, bringing about regular illegal dumping of waste and disused alcohol cans are left here, the walls are ugly to look at with the paper artwork peeling off the walls. This artwork has given the impression it is okay to graffitti on the walls- go see it today, it is a state, full of graffitti. This site is worse than when it was first proposed for a uplift. I wonder what type of consultation you ran back then other than online and a one day event where the artist drew around people’s bodies on to the wall. There is no point doing things on the cheap – just leave it alone if you cannot give people what they want to see: a clean space, uplighting to make it safer, greening at the back to create a flower garden, the walls need a decorative material that will last longer than two years, and artwork that is pleasing to the eye. Please don’t treat Peckham as a social experiment – real people with real lives have to use this entrance everyday because we actually live and work here – and want a pleasing unclusive environment.

    Alison Rye Vlillage Resident’s Association.

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