Hello everybody,

You may have noticed that the Pocket Places project has slowed down in recent months and I want to let you all know what is happening and what you can look forward to in the Pockets over summer.

Firstly it has been really exciting seeing things come together and now that we have commissioned Not Tom to work in Moncrieff Place and Peckham Platform is working on Choumert Grove Car Park both of these places are going to be transformed.  One of the biggest transformations however, will  be in Bournemouth Close where Southwark Council will oversee resurfacing of the area, installation of a row of trees and a new lighting scheme.

At the end of March Sustrans’ contract to work on the project came to an end we are in the process of handing over to Southwark Council. There is a possibility that a new project coordinator from Sustrans will come on board to oversee the various elements being installed and help local people get involved in the new spaces. We hope to find out soon if this will come about but in the meantime we are leaving management of the individual pockets in the safe hands of the organisations mentioned above.

The timeline for installations is as follows;

Moncrieff Place: Parklets & Lighting – Summer 2015

Choumert Grove Car Park: Artwork and Landscaping – Summer/Autumn 2015

Bournemouth Close: Resurfacing, Trees, and Community Garden – Early Summer 2015

Whether Sustrans gets involved in this next stage or not, we hope to have a goodbye event to celebrate what we have all achieved over the last two and a half years. For me personally it will be a way to say thank you to you all for making my time in Peckham so wonderful and helping me to improve the Pockets.

Your contact for Pocket Places is now Christian Loveday and you can get in touch with him via christian.loveday@southwark.gov.uk



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