Sustrans have been working in Peckham since January 2013, developing the underused and unloved spaces along Rye Lane. We worked closely with local residents to come up with ideas to make those spaces better for people to walk and cycle through as well as spend quality time in. We achieved this last year with an event spectacular across four Pocket Places.  In each space, trials of the ideas were installed to give us an idea of what would and wouldn’t work.

(Click to enlarge) (Header image courtesy of Gorka Aparicio)


Bournemouth Close Before


Bournemouth Close During Trials 


While many of the trials are still in place, and some are looking a little tired by now, we are excited to hear of the developments that are imminent.

A new artist has been appointed to complete a piece of work in Choumert Grove Car Park stretching right through the space from the corridor across the surface of the car park. Local arts organisation Peckham Platform are managing the process, which is due for completion in late summer early autumn 2015.

We are also looking forward to seeing a new set of Parklets in Moncrieff Place in front of Peckhamplex Cinema.  Local designers Not Tom are working with local Artist Remi Rough who will hopefully be working his magic and there may also be some new bike facilities installed so watch this space!

Bournemouth Close will also be seeing some dramatic change with full resurfacing, a new lighting scheme designed by Studio Dekka, a community garden and a series of tree pits with works starting in July.  The trees will be planted in autumn when the planting season begins again. There will also be a number of restricted parking bays for business owners to use and a loading bay for deliveries which will hopefully allow for more social activity in the space.


Moncrieff Place Before

Moncrieff Place During Trials (Image courtesy of M.Gonzalez Noda)


We look forward to celebrating the changes with the Peckham community when the permanent work is in place.  And although Sustrans is no longer working on the project, we will keep a keen interest in developments and look forward to catching up with you all again soon.

Choumert Grove Car Park Before

Choumert Grove Car Park During Trials ©Chandra Prasad/Sustrans


See you in Autumn!

Hannah and the team.

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