Hi, I’m Hannah Padgett, Project Coordinator for Pocket Places on Rye Lane, I work for Sustrans, a sustainable transport charity.  Pocket Places is a brand new project for Sustrans and is only happening in four places in the UK; Peckham, Reading, Southend-on-Sea and Derby.

Sustrans believes that high streets should be shared equally by all the people that use them whether they’re in a car, on two wheels or on foot.  Too often high streets are dominated by heavy motorised traffic and pedestrians and cyclists are at best pushed to the margins or at worst intimidated and scared.  This means high streets function only as places to shop and not as community spaces like they used to do.

This project hopes to change all that.  The people of Peckham are invited to collaborate and innovate to make unused spaces along Rye Lane live again.  We have two years to create temporary and semi-permanent interventions in these spaces. It’s up to you to decide together what will happen, it could be one off events such as a film screening, or something that needs time to grow like a garden.  Sustrans will provide you with the support and the resources, all you need to bring is an open mind and your ideas.

If you would like to get involved, you know of something already happening in the area that we can connect with, you think I should meet someone or you’d just like to make a comment please get in touch.

Contact Details

Hannah Padgett

Pocket Places – Peckham, Project Coordinator


Sustrans, 70 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJwww.sustrans.org.uk

Pocket Places Peckham is supported by The Peoples Health Trust – Health Wisdom  and Southwark Borough Council.

Any images displayed on this project blog are the property of Sustrans and/or project partners. Any organisation wishing to use images from this site must seek permission from Sustrans prior to publication.

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  2. Hi Hannah, I have a suggestion for a public pathway I travel to my studio on a regular basis. It is currently sadly neglected between Curtis street/Willow Walk in Bermondsey and toward Old Kent Road, there is an old abandoned railway bridge wall with an arch in it and a patch of dirt that is always covered in litter. The addition of a rubbish bin, some art on the obsolete wall and arch some love to the hanging plant that covers some of that wall and some better lighting would make this a much more engaging and fun walk and bikeway for the people who use this useful quite low traffic short cut between one place and the other.

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